An online browser game of Reversi that originated in England. Uragaeshi is a Japanese name. Player vs player or computer, watching games. Free & No membership registration. PC & Smartphone.

【How to play】
1. This game competes for the number of discs. Players can flip opponent's discs by sandwiching.
2. The handicap is RankDifference×10 (maximum 60).
3. At rank match, players can rank up by points; 200 (5D-1D), 100 (1K-10K).

Rank differenceHandicap gameEven (non-handicap) game
Higher winLower win

4. Abbreviations used in the game.

RHRank match and Handicap game
RERank match and Even (non-handicap) game
FHFree match and Handicap game
FEFree match and Even (non-handicap) game

5. Please see also the Q&A.


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