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Reversi online free browser game. Uragaeshi is a Japanese name of Reversi that originated in England. Player vs player or computer, watching games. No e-mail registration. PC & Smartphone.

【How to play】

  1. This game competes for the number of discs. Players can flip opponent's discs by sandwiching.
  2. The handicap is RankDifference×10 (maximum 60).
  3. At rank match, players can rank up by points; 200 (4D-1D), 100 (1K-10K).
    Rank differenceHandicap gameEven (non-handicap) game
    Higher winLower win
  4. Abbreviations used in the game.
    RHRank match and Handicap game
    RERank match and Even (non-handicap) game
    FHFree match and Handicap game
    FEFree match and Even (non-handicap) game
  5. Please see also the Q&A.


The section introduces the basic way of thinking of Reversi.

  1. In Reversi, it is important to take corners. Discs in corners are fixed discs that cannot be flipped. In addition, you can increase fixed discs as starting points them. Basically, if you can take, please take. If you do not want to be taken by opponent, please do not place your discs next to corners. If you place your discs diagonally next to corners, they are especially easy to be taken.
  2. In Reversi, it is important to have many places where you can place. If you take many in early and middle stages, there will be few or no place to place in final stage. Basically, please take fewer in early and middle stages. In addition, instead of simply taking fewer, please select a place to become like where you can place many more than opponent. If you make opponent's discs surround your discs and make opponent build walls on the outside, you will have an advantage.

【Game name】

Uragaeshi Online


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