Go online free browser game (aka Igo/Baduk/Weiqi). Player vs player or computer, watching games. Japanese Go rule. No e-mail registration.

【How to play】
1. This game is based on the Japanese Go rule. (Text for inexperienced persons)
2. The default handicap (komi) is 6.5: Black gives to White in an even game.

Rank differenceHandicap
0Komi 6.5
1Komi 0
2Reverse komi 13
3Reverse komi 26
4Reverse komi 39
5Reverse komi 52
6Reverse komi 65
7Reverse komi 78
8Reverse komi 91
9Reverse komi 104
10Reverse komi 117
11Reverse komi 130
12Reverse komi 143
13Reverse komi 156
14Reverse komi 169
15Reverse komi 182
16Reverse komi 195
17Reverse komi 208
18Reverse komi 221
19Reverse komi 234
20Reverse komi 247
21Reverse komi 260
22Reverse komi 273
23Reverse komi 286
24Reverse komi 299
25Reverse komi 312
26Reverse komi 325
27Reverse komi 338
28Reverse komi 351
29Reverse komi 360.5
Reverse komi 360.5

3. An illegal point: foul defeat (9D-18K), warning dialog (19K-30K).
4. The match is stopped by both passes. "■" "□" are enabled territories, "×" "+" are disabled territories. If the automatic judgment is wrong, please correct by clicking stones or territories on the board.
5. At rank match, players can rank up by points; 200 (8D-5D), 100 (4D-1D), 70 (1K-9K), 50 (10K-18K), 20 (19K-25K), 10 (26K-30K).

Rank differenceHandicap gameEven game
Higher winLower win

6. Abbreviations used in the game.

RHRank match and Handicap game
RERank match and Even game
FHFree match and Handicap game
FEFree match and Even game
RKReverse Komi

7. Please see also the Q&A.

【For inexperienced persons】
This game competes for the number of territories (intersections). Black gives handicap (komi) 6.5 to White in an even game.


BlackTerritories: BlackIntersections-TakenBlackStones=36-0=36
WhiteTerritories: WhiteIntersections-TakenWhiteStones=27-0=27
SurfaceOfBoard: BlackTerritories-WhiteTerritories=36-27=9 (●Lead)
Result: SurfaceOfBoard-Handicap=9-6.5=2.5 (●Win)

1. You can take opponent's stones by surrounding.


2. You cannot move to the place which becomes same shape repetition. Once it is necessary to move to other places. This state is called "ko".


3. If you cannot take opponent's stones, you cannot move to the place where your stones are taken.

the place where your stones are taken

4. Stones which have two eyes are not taken.

Stones which have two eyes

5. Black and White cannot move to "・". Because even if you want to take opponent's stones, your stones are taken first. This state is called "seki".


6. If you have filled in all places that do not become a territory such as "・", please pass. The judgment of territories is started by both passes.


7. After the judgment of territories started, stones which cannot make two eyes are removed as taken stones.

taken stones

【Game name】
Igo Online (IgoOnline)


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